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OrderOS: Your Own Online Ordering App & Command Center. Ordering Made Simple for all types of restaurants.

OrderOS at $0*/mo +Processing fees

Online Ordering
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Online Ordering & Delivery

White-labeled, commission-free application and website for each restaurant, capable of facilitating delivery using third-party drivers—even for orders placed directly through the restaurant’s own platforms. 

No 3rd Party Commissions

Minimize your dependence on external ordering services and obtain direct access to the benefits of restaurant branded online ordering and mobile applications, free from commission charges in perpetuity.

Easily accept orders from a variety of popular POS systems and our own tablet solution. Enable the ability to automatically route orders to printers, Kitchen Displays Systems, and other third-party devices. Monitor online ordering data and generate reports in real time for up-to-date insights.

Multi-Platform Support

QR Ordering

Enable on-the-go ordering from a range of sources, including QR codes, websites, flyers, window displays, and other marketing materials. Take convenience to the next level with our innovative direct-ordering system from your smartphone

Real-Time MenuSync™

MenuSync™ automatically syncs menus across all devices, so guests have a unified and customizable menu management experience.

Our platform remembers customer preferences, records their order history, securely stores contact information and payment details. With these insights, we can tailor marketing outreach with pinpoint accuracy via email campaigns, SMS messages and in-app notifications.


Tap into the power of modern technology and say goodbye to costly commissions with our cutting-edge, white-labeled restaurant app.

White-Labeled App and Website


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The All-In-One food service & restaurant management suite

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